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What is God? It is the permanent question standing to the people, accompanied with the eternal dilemma, is there God or no!

The various versions about God by much of literature are countless. They, however, always are at a standstill as a concept by the mythologies, the Bible, the Koran, the various Spiritual teachings, to today’s idea of God that He is “All what is He”. From there on things are intricate stories how is that “All is God” as of the science so of the Spirituality because it means the man is God, too. This staging of “God is All what is He” for now is taken as some exceptional impossible and inexplicable with the idea how is that “All is what it Is” will be managed by a centre when the man knows himself as a creature and he hires for such one that he is separated from God, lives independently with free will and his own personal characterization which is built by the human brain, and the personality of the man is unique and matchless. It is known by certain persons, so named Spiritual persons, that God is the whole information. I.e. God gives information to the mankind by His own contacts, either for the spirituality, science or for business, policy, health, military operations etc. Yes, but the people by themselves do not understand that God gives them information for their daily being, but they consider it is their own education, residence, hobby etc, born of their brains.

For now the people know that as men and persons it depends on all the world development and decay of the personality,families, states and world shakings of all kinds as wars, iconomic crises, migration, terrorism and all else which is today a world problem for all states and alliances, led by UN, USA, EU, some Asiatic states, Islamic alliances, various else creeds etc.

A complete answer of this question what is God as an essence, how He is “All what He Is” till now, is given only in the book of “Conversation with God does not stop” and subtitle “Matter is antimatter” with author of Mincho Minchev from town of Sopot, born town of Ivan Vasov.

Editing the book and its distributing is a personal deed of the author by the support of his friends, adopting the idea for God, developed by Mincho Minchev by means of Internet and described in the book, as the same persons are somewhat witnesses about its writing during several years. Its title and subtitle of “Matter and antimatter” prompt that it is speaking of something different as scientific and spiritual information, how is that “Conversation with God does not stop” and how is that “Matter is antimatter” at the position that till now the science has not clear understanding of what it is antimatter but about the matter it has given thousands of explanations.

Probably it is already clear what kind of questions are considered by the author in his book!

It is difficult to speak of the book “Conversation with God does not stop” as a literature product, because it is written in the form of novel but it is not a novel, and it is a book giving information in questions, which on other place are not even hinted. One of these questions is that the contemporary medicine and psychology could make everybody out of mad and full schizophrenic only by the idea that he hears the so-named “low and soft voice of the Super I”, named inner conscience which is considered by the Spiritual literature about super degree in level of Spirituality which is placed on the highest stage of the pyramid for the human needs of prof.Abraham Maslow from the first half of 20th century, known by all psychologists, teachers and sociologists, doctors and various other learned people. I.e. here the things contradict so that nobody could understand how this contradiction is got. In other words it happens so that by the category of “mad” the psychology by itself denies its scientific idol of Abraham Maslow. From these several sentences about prof.Maslow it is understood what scientific and spiritual mess it is said, which mess is clarified in the book of “Conversation with God does not stop”.

From this kind of books by direct conversation with God there are some others on the Bulgarian and international market, written like by the American author of Neal Donald Walsh and close their title of “Conversations with God”. On the possibility for conversing of man and God partly as information is given in the Bible as it is admissible. So, if there is doubt it is possible the Bible to be denied.
The difference between both authors – Neal Donald Walsh and Mincho Minchev, is that until Walsh begins to write his first book of “Conversations with God” after his despair from the life and one day he takes a sheet of paper and angry to God begins to write Him a letter why he has fallen into despair from his life… and at this instant his hand begins to move on the sheet with writing , without Walsh not at all to suspect of that God begins to reply him in a way of a written conversation. At Mincho Minchev as author of the book of “Conversation with God does not stop” he writes it in a reverse way. I.e. after his preliminary direct participation in surviving various events and facts, connected with his life in the sphere of the Spirituality, science and mysteries on the base of longlived investigation and approaching to the essense of God by the literature and practicing of various Spiritual systems for getting connec- tion with God. All that, however, is led invisibly and intangibly by God. At 13.09. 2012 the author of Mincho Minchev got direct connection with God, as he by himself calls this connection in question because of that in the whole Spiritual literature it is spoken about higher and lower cosmic creatures. Till then the question is not fully clarified by any author both from the Spirituality and from the science, psychology and medicine. After six months of preparation of the author for writing this and other books, God puts him in such conditions that to convince himself without God he cannot move a finger, in practice to understand that God leads fully the man as body, mind, thoughts, words, moves, psychology, health and drives him to write the books. I.e. the author of Mincho Minchev arrives to complete conviction that God leads the life of every man 100 per cent and this staging that “God is All what It Is” weighs with the man as well.

In the long run this is of interest to us, because it is given explication in the book how God leads the man in one way or another of his life, without he to suspect similar guidance. All is confirmed by code writings in many other books, as part of them are cited in the book. I.e. all is subordinated to God because “God is All what It Is” by His manifestation as God manifests the man as well.

There are given some important moments since the pre-history for reaching of the author to direct connection with God, doing the special training and realization of long and not light dialog, during which God, named still Super I, gives His explications why He has created a world not of love, as it is asserted in the Spiritual literature that God is love only and to be peace co-existence amidst the people and nations, but He has created another world of violence with wars, hatred and opposing of the people, lie and deceit in the whole science, including medicine, psychology, astronomy, agriculture, technologies etc, and the love remains aside from all these problems. That these things are ascribed to some Satan named Lucifer and lower creatures is only a part of the big play of God with the people, about which the people have none of idea how it is done. This play, however, is mentioned at many places in the Spiritual litera- ture, but nowhere else it is clarified, and only it is said that the earth is an enormous theatre where the producer, actors and all other participants are ones and the same.

Also are considered various questions about the lie and deceit, given from historical and scientific points of view by means of the Bible, Koran and other similar books, creeds, Spiritual literature and communities, history, physics etc, in which world about everything as basic culprit for each evil is accepted the man, except in the cases of natural cataclysms, as God remains outside observer, but in fact He does absolutely everything as an event in the Cosmos. In this connection all of us in Bulgaria are witnesses of that still a human guilt is in quest even at natural floods as it was at ward of Asparuchovo near Varna, as the flood at the town of Mysia and on other places. It is the game for expressing the human guiltiness without guilt, because the conditions of life are such that God plays with the people as He wants. At the moment the market for books literally swarms with all kinds of literature of alike deceits and lies, and the Spiritual communities and the science turn in a vicious circle of these deceits, given by God, without even somebody to suspect where is the trap of the whole this deceitful and illusory magic of God, in which magic of deceit the whole guilt for all the happiness and unhappiness of the people is God and nobody else, but to understand it a big personal experience is necessary or to read this book.
God is manifestated in man and all the rest, which exists and all the rest is God, in front of the man who lives in an enormous illusion and deceit that by himself creates problems and looks for a way for their decision. It is the whole huge machine, which God creates, in order to seem the man as a self-dependent creature, living in illusion that he is separated from the God. It becomes clear by the book that God namely gives every information and He in fact is the direct author, and Mincho Minchev is only a physical executer of the informa- tion for writing the book, instead of it can come to light by itself as all other. In the book of “Conversation with God does not stop” are given scientific and Spiritual explanations about the essence of God, Cosmos, Earth, energy, mind, thinking process, antimatter, matter, as the position of the man in this symbio- sis, named Cosmos, as God unites all, because He manifests as matter in that, what He desires but by mind and energy. There are facts as mysteries about flora and fauna on the Earth as part of God and the behaviour of the Earth by itself in the Cosmos, by which a new vision is given about its existing under form of a fixed planet in the Cosmos. The book is with clearly expressed infor- mation about the man with psychologic and quantum tendency, useful for the science, medicine and getting to know the man as a Godlike creature.

Mincho Minchev is born in 1954 in a village of Matenitsa, municipality of Hissar. Elementary education at the village, later at a secondary school in machine-building at town of Sopot, and after the conscription he finishes mechanical school in town of Karlovo. Immediately after the conscription as a junior sergeant finishes a military school for reserve officers.

He works 18 years at VMZ-Sopot at several working places. His labour activity in this plant begins as milling machine operator during January of 1976 and he leaves in june of 1994 as a head of department. He has the highest, seventh, degree of this profession of “milling machine operator”. At this plant he has fulfilled some years of staffwork.

He graduated higher education at the Higher Institute of Economics “Karl Marx” at Sofia, now UNSS, with two master’s specialities – economic and pedagogical. Specialist in “Economics and management of the industry” with specializations of “Finances of the firm” and “Prices and price-formation”. He has finished course for managers at the TechnicalUniversity in Sofia.

From 1994 he works three years as an expert at the former “Agrobusiness bank” at Plovdiv which went bankruptcy in 1997 and with it the bank bank- ruptcies began in Bulgaria during the same year.

From the beginning of 1997 till this moment works as sole trader with various commercial activities. He educates himself in International trade and insu- rance activity.

He entirely studies the Spiritual doctrine of eng.Tatiana Mikushina and of acad.Maslov Leonid Ivanovich from Russia. He reads various other authors and books, including he acquaints himself well with the doctrine of Peter Danov, but from the end of 2012 he does not practise them and read at all, as he already is definitely convinced that anything of these things do help for perfecting the personality, the man’s health; it does not harm if it is practiced, but all is a big illusory deceit, imposed by God on the man. In fact, it is his new philosophy. It is already his characteristic feature, that he begins to deny the whole doctrine of the above-mentioned authors, as also other such, except supporting the staging that “All, what Is” is God and without God nothing becomes in this world. I.e. he is convinced on 100 per cent that out of God nothing could exist independently and to manage its existence. During 10 years he occupies with the Bible having the task to discover its codes, as till 1982 is full atheist. As they say, there is nothing accidentally in the nature. Except in his specialities he enter the sphere of the Nuclear Physics and the Quantum mechanics not as a specialist but with understanding of these theoretical sciences and it is not accidentally as well. These things are needed to him at later stage just for writing several articles and after that of the books with the specific themes, concerning the explanations of God and His existence as “All, what Is”. In other words, God could be explained only by the elementary particles – energy fields, mind, thought, consciousness, manifestation, matter, antimatter and nothing else.

After receiving direct contact connection in 13.09.2012 with the Super I of Mincho Minchev and till the end of December 2012 so-named “End of the world”, the Super I does the special training with him during 40-day isolation in his office in town of Karlovo, beginning in 11.11.2012 and finishing in 24.12.12. In all this time training of day and night is held as the Super I requires of him, while He discovers the Main code of the Bible, which is sought by millions people of the world and many other subcodes, by which becomes clear, that the Bible is a world and religious book of the big deceit, but at the same time by the codes it becomes a book of the biggest truth, because of that it is under- stood of them that God gives mind and wisdom to the people. This casus is primary in the training of Mincho, that God manages the man completely. By the codes of the Bible becomes clear that God gives wealth and land to the people, that He gives the sleep, deseases and every treatment to the people. Except the codes of the Bible the Super I reveals still much of information about the Cosmos with the various God’s manifestations, wonders and His conditions with a single task, which is for giving new knowledges of the science and the Spirituality after the so-named “End of the world”, which practically did not happen because of that the whole Cosmos is a condition of the Super I as His manifestation. I.e. “All, what It Is” is God and a big God’s play. Other names of the Super I are God, Allah, Super Mind, Creator, Maker, Absolute, Ego and many other names from the mythology of the various peoples and Bible, including God Tangra. All these names have one and the same meaning, which additionally confuse the world of people with different creeds and God by Himself opposes the people in one or other degree, including wars and now world terrorism on religious base, driven by various islamists. The Super I owns the whole available cosmic information, which ever has existed in the Cosmos because of the simple cause, that all events, which ever have been in the Cos- mos, He creates them by His own ideas, creation and formation with manifest- ation, but only with one single task, which is the Super I to make the so-named His own pleasure by play of the manifestation and nothing more. In other words, the whole manifestation of the being and the man is for pleasure of God. In this sense if something stops to bring Him pleasure then it is possible not to exist more as a definite form or state. During the isolation the Super I shows many His wonders, including display and disappear of various objects, sounds, signals etc. The Super I demonstrates in hundreds of ways on Mincho that the man has not his own thoughts, words and actions, and has only entire management of Him onto every man on the earth. The Super I also demonstra- tes many signs of diseases on the body and He removes them at once, in order to become clear that every disease is given by Him. For surviving greater plea- sure of His existence He creates the mankind and by the man He achieves all what He desires. At the special training the Super I trains Mincho so that to refuse all known by him earlier as spiritual stagings about the triunity of Spirit, soul and body. The Super I purposefully for some years brings him to full bankruptcy and shows him visually, that the world economy and policy are fully managed by Him to one or another state of progress and regress, because of that the Super I is manifested in every man on the world from the last aborigine and bushman to all presidents of states, masons, members of the Federal reserve of the USA, as in “All, what It Is”, but God arranges the things so, the masons to seem main culprits about the evils of the mankind. God creates advances and world crises in all relations. So, every human event on the world is done by the Super I and it is the whole existence of the mankind.

The Super I manifests separately by the being so, that as it is described in the Bible, but without giving details about Him and practically “God or the Super I is All in All in this world in a general casing named Cosmos”.

The natural existence of the Super I is the antimatter in state of energy ele- mentary particles-fields and mind by which He creates and exists. I.e. the mind and energy are antimatter and by His manifestation God creates the matter of the antimatter with so-named condensed energy. In this cause He names Super Mind, Creator and Maker.

Between Mincho Minchev and the Super I a dialogue is held incessantly some- times in 24 hours daily. During the isolation and earlier in 2012 the Super I gives definite dictations to Mincho which he publishes in his blog and some of them in Facebook. Rather of these dictations are given tendentiously and they seem with information so, that to be considered by the readers they are accepted by the lowest cosmic creatures, which could inhabit the Cosmos, because of that they concern to the management of the state of Bulgaria and to the so-named “End of the world” in December of 2012, Quantum transition and Last Judgement. In the long run, it becomes clear fully by the staging that the Super I is “All, what It Is” and in this way it falls away the possibility of pre- sence of all kinds of higher and lower creatures, except He and by a great illusion and deceit about the people that the man is separated from the Super I or from God. Therefore, in Cosmos there is nothing else but the Super I then in practice by various imitations He appears as all of the known angels, arch- angels, Ascended teachers, the devil and satan and all the rest of this kind. In other words, the Super | is the good and evil in the Cosmos and mankind. Just by this cause the Super | by means of various people has written much of lite- rapture about the good and evil by so-named cosmic Hierarchies of the light and darkness, by which He finally confuses the world of the people, as in the every man as physical and psychic condition and to create in the Cosmos all kinds of celestial events, including flight of extraterrestrial ships, cosmic comets planets and all kinds of tricks of this character, without exception of some- thing as His imitation. The Super | appears the Earth with its flora and fauna, natural deposits and all waters within it. He is separately the sky with the stars, the atmosphere and the cosmic weightless space. He is state of the elementary energy fields-particles up to the whole Cosmos existing in principle of the rus- sian matrioshkies-playthings one in another. On top of that the Super | appears by the man and creates a picture which is considered in detail in the book of “Conversation with God does not stop” and with subtitle of “ Matter is antimatter”.

In this sense the book becomes unique because of that for first time are proved things faced to the science and the Spirituality at 180 degrees and for first time a clear scientific explanation is given what is God in the Cosmos and how does He manifest Himself.

In other words it is a proper description by the Super | of His own symbiosis for existence which could be named “God-Being-Man”.

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